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Dog Harness for Walking to Stop Your Pulling Pooch!

July 16th, 2013 0 comments


Is your dog or puppy walking you?

Have you tried everything to stop your dog from pulling on leash?

Are you about ready to give up on walking and leash training dog because it’s too exhausting?


Make dog walking easy with a dog harness for walking and training your dogThe Walk In Sync™ Humane Dog Walking and Training System is the easiest, safest way to stop your dog from pulling on the leash.The Patented, Walk In Sync™ System and easy walk dog harness makes dog walking and leash training a breeze. It is simply the most effective easy walk dog harness available for walking your dog or training your new pup to Walk In Sync with you in just minutes without ever pulling on their neck or choking your precious best friend.All puppies need to learn proper leash manners and how to walk with you without dragging you down the street, or choking themselves on their collar. As a matter of fact, leash walking is the best way to begin training your dog because all pups learn to follow their leader as a primary form of their early education. It’s an unspoken rule that pups follow their moms, they don’t lead their moms or chaos would ensure in their training. Walk In Sync™, easy train dog harness, trains you to train your pup or dog the same way this his/her mom would- that is why you will be out walking in sync with your pooch in just minutes on your first use!

You Owe It To You And Your Dog To Get The Dog Harness for Walking, Walk In Sync™ NOW!


Dog Harness for Walking System for easy leash training your dog

Has this ever happened to you?

Did you let your cute puppy lead the walk because they seemed so happy doing so?

Me too!

I did that with my adorable Chocolate Lab Barney and he grew up to be a 90 pound steam engine that dragged me everywhere and all I could do was hold on.

I tried everything to stop him, choke chains, prong collars, a nose halter and even a shock collar. And not only did we not derive any results from these tools- I hurt my dog in the process.

If you have ever experienced the following while leash walking or leash training dog:


  • Leash traing dog? get your dog harness for walking today!Being pulled off your feet as your dog saw something they wanted to chase
  • Your dog choking or gagging themselves to walk ahead
  • A streak of aggressive behavior as you get nervous when encountering other dogs
  • The need to quickly cross the street to avoid oncoming anything (bike, child, dog, mailman)
  • Your dog refusing to walk forward
  • A sense of dread at having to take your dog for a walk because they usually end up walking you
  • Coming back from a walk feeling exhausted because it was more like a decathlon than a nice easy walk
  • Shoulder strain, rotator cuff or wrist injuries due to excessive pulling
  • Leash burn from the leash being ripped through your hand
  • A jumping, lunging kangaroo at the end of the leash that is supposed to be a dog
  • Sheer frustration at not being able to fix the situation
  • Spending way more than you intended to try out every tool available that people promised would resolve your issue but they did not
  • A sense of inadequacy at not being able to get your dog to walk on leash with you with ease

You Owe It To You And Your Dog To Get Walk In Sync™ NOW!



Walk In Sync Clients of dog harness for walkingNOW IT’S A PLEASURE TO WALK THEM!

A few weeks ago you went to great lengths to overnight 2 harnesses to me. The night I got them I took my 70 lb. 7 month old puppies for a spin and the difference was so remarkable I can’t even put it into words.

It was a chore to take them both for a walk – it was physically challenging.  When they wanted to greet another dog I literally had to use all of my body weight to hold them to a slow pace – I couldn’t actually stop them. I am not 100% certain what breed they are but I am guessing they have some Plott Hound and Viszla in them – so when they catch a scent they want to follow, all bets are off and getting their attention was impossible.

Now, it’s a PLEASURE to walk them. They don’t pull anymore and they walk right by my side – I even see them smiling up at me all the time now. It’s ridiculous.

These harnesses are SOOO amazing! Thanks you for figuring it all out and sharing. They have changed my world.

—Sara Fasolino, TX

Dog Harness testimonial for Walk in SyncThank you Alecia for this great invention! I’m the owner of two crazy, hyper, wild boxers…. I’ve never enjoyed walking them due to embarrassment, being scared they would get out of harness or drag me down the street. All the above has actually happened in the past with other harness systems. We tried them all… My husband came across your harness system online and harness to help dog walk and we purchased it. Thank you so very much! I love this EZ Walk Harness. I’m not worried about them getting out of your harness, they don’t hurt our babies, they give them ample leg maneuver, and our dogs will actually walk in them. Raleigh and Annie can finally be walked again!

—Tracy and Gerry, CO

Walk In Sync Testimonials PWalk In Sync is a system with a heart. Combining humane training with comfort, it transforms the act of walking my dog into walking with my dog. –

—Paris Permenter, publisher of DogTipper.com

As a Holistic Dog Trainer, I recommend an easy walk dog harness for walking every dog because it will be safest tool for your dog’s body.BUT not all Dog-Walking Harnesses are created equal.I ONLY recommend the Walk In Sync™ Humane Dog Walking and Training System because it is simply the safest, easiest, most effective system I have even used. It has been tested on thousands and thousands of dogs and pups and is the #1 choice of top Professional Trainers and Veterinarians around the world.The Walk In Sync™ System offers a dog harness for walking like no other.

Unique Benefits:

  • Buy your Walk in Synch Dog Harness for Walking Today!Works in minutes to insure easy walks and dog leash-training walking with NO CHOKING
  • Builds confidence in you and your dog
  • Easy on – easy off
  • Accu-Grip™ LEASH provides exact hand positions for accuracy and consistency while mastering the walk
  • Protects your dog’s throat, trachea, neck, spine and eyes
  • Designed for your dog’s total comfort and full range of shoulder movement
  • Designed to keep owner’s neck and shoulders safe and properly aligned
  • Walk In Sync™ 3 Easy Steps training videos will teach you how to use the Walk In Sync™ System for walking, leash training dog, or to train your new puppy
  • Super soft, yet strong
  • Light weight
  • Washable
  • Dries quickly
  • Reflectors for night time
  • Have way more fun on walks
  • Veterinarian Recommended and Supported
  • Dog Approved

You Owe It To You And Your Dog To Get the Dog-Walking Harnesses, Walk In Sync™ NOW!

Walk In Sync, Easy Walk Dog Harness for Walking Your DogBUY IT NOW!

If you are searching for a Easy Walk Dog Harness for Walking, look no further. The Walk In Sync™ System is the ULTIMATE Dog Training Leash Walking System to resolve your issue now and will answer your question of how to stop dog from pulling on leash in under 5 minutes- guaranteed!!

You Owe It To You And Your Dog To Get the Easy Walk Dog Harness for Walking, Walk In Sync™ NOW!


Do We Have A Right To Choke Dogs or Pups to Train Them?

July 22nd, 2012 0 comments

Train Me Don’t Choke Me








I think its time we begin to ask the question:  Do We Have a Right To Choke Dogs To Train Them when more humane training tools and methods are available?

Do you know your dogs anatomy and physiology so well that you are willing to take a chance in hurting them permanently?

Check out a safer alternative and take a stand to make training tools humane fo dogs around the world.


Paws Up!




6 Secrets Your Dog Wants To Teach You To Unleash Your Greatest Potential

July 22nd, 2012 0 comments

Did you ever consider that your dog may be trying to teach you some things to help you be a more humane human?

If you are interested in what your dog has to teach you, check out my amazing new telecourse:  www.dogwalkinsync.com/6Secrets

How Would You Feel

July 22nd, 2012 0 comments

Common Sense- Need I say more about Humane Training Tools


Please stop choking me

You can put me down now












Most aggressive dogs only need to have their front feet lifted off the ground a few times to realize that you can take their air away when you want. This is not painful for the dog. (really, let me do it to you)    Leerburg.com

Rise and Falling with the Sun

July 16th, 2012 0 comments

Being on a farm this weekend and actually getting to see the sun at its horizon point rising and setting reminded my body of the natural cycle and rhythm of life.

Too often I stay up too late, fighting sleep in order to get a little more brain work done.  Yet the past 2 days of rising at dawn and being in bed just after sun down completely resets my unnatural routine.  I sense the body in natural was designed to rise and set with the sun.  No wonder so many of us have the physical ailments and dis-ease we do, we have gotten out of rythym with natural and lost our natural balance.

It’s simple to get it back though, just follow the way of the sun, like the animals and the natural world do.


Paws Up!